Styling a Scarf / student project

Styling a Scarf was created for those who are looking for a new means of accessorizing. Whether readers are looking to express themselves through style, or are simply searching for a new trend, this fashion-forward instructional has them covered. 

This is an instructional narrative I designed to exercise my skills in illustration, layout design, and information communication.




the project

In Drawing II, an assignment was given to produce a set of instructions using line drawings. The goal of the instructional narrative is to communicate instructions on how to complete a task without the assistance of words to guide the reader. 

My project began by taking videos of friends styling scarves in a variety of fashions. Still images were taken from the videos, and those images were traced using a light table in order to get comfortable with the figures and line-work. The traced and original images were then pulled up in Adobe Illustrator, and the final line-work was created.