Rise & Shine / student project

The day's pace is set in the morning, so it's important to get started on the right foot. Wake up with the roosters. Open the windows. Take a breath of the crisp morning air. Make a beautiful breakfast. Feel the sun's warmth on your face. Enjoy the moment! 

This is a poster I designed to expand my skills in visual language to communicate a message of motivation to the viewer through the use of graphic elements. 


Potential poster 

Potential poster 

Application of the golden ratio

Application of the golden ratio

the project

In Design Aesthetics, an assignment was given to design a poster using graphics elements + image + type. The projects leading up to Rise & Shine focused on the use of form analysis and logical divisions of a rectangle using grids, dynamic forces, and the golden ratio. To design this poster, we were to take our knowledge from previous projects and create something both beautiful and methodical.


Studies leading up to  Rise & Shine

Studies leading up to Rise & Shine




The aesthetic behind this poster is inspired by the home I grew up in. My mom used wake me up in the morning by peeking her head in my room and warmly saying, “rise and shine, Mary Grace."

I would drowsily make my way into our kitchen to have breakfast. Looking up, a band of wallpaper lines the tops of the walls with scenes of overflowing vegetable gardens accompanied by watering cans, rain boots, and gardening tools tucked within plants.

The eye travels across that band of wallpaper and falls on antique kitchenware, rusty red watering cans, and small vintage shovels arranged along the tops of cabinets. The color palette consists of whites, beiges, and grays accompanied by various shades and saturations of reds and greens combining to give this kitchen countryside character.