the project

In Typography I, students were to design a wordmark inspired by an animal for a hypothetical company. I chose word "poise" to represent a swan and a barre studio.

A barre studio is an instructor led exercise studio where clients use a ballet bar and combination of postures inspired by dance, yoga and Pilates to workout. The swan is an ideal representative of a barre studio–inspiring attributes of gracefulness and strength in all of it's clients. 



There is something undeniably captivating about the way a swan slides softly through the water—head held high. 

She holds the power to leave those strolling past in awe. From afar, one will marvel at her beauty and elegance, but come too close and she will make her presence known. She's a nasty woman.

A nasty woman is one who is unapologetically true to herself. She speaks her mind, stands up for herself, and does it all with a cool confidence.