Texturized was an outdoor design installation with the goal of emulating an inspired texture. The piece itself was crafted by hanging sheets of mylar from wire; it's flowing essence comes from the environment it was placed within.

The first two phases of this project were designed by myself, and then evolved into a collaborative project for the final phase.

The team was comprised of Jack Buehler, Jenna Lace, Pablo Borra-Paley, and Mary Moriarty.


phase one & two

The goal of this project was to generate a texture first in image, and then in form.

Within the first phase, I found multiple objects and studied the textures each printed using black acrylic paint (above). The second phase consisted of turning those two-dimensional textures into a three-dimensional form (below).

texture squares.jpg

phase three

The third phase consisted of students collaborating and deciding upon which texturized form they would emulate through an installation. As a team we decided our installation would be inspired by the form I created (above).

We felt this texture was reminiscent of a mountainous landscape. A mountain is somewhat of an abstraction to the land surrounding it, so in a similar way this installation was an abstraction to the space it was placed within.