photography by Pablo Borra-Paley

photography by Pablo Borra-Paley

body mantle

The body mantle is a three dimensional design project that serves as an extension of the body. Developed by simple forms joined together, the purpose of this project is to see how the assembled piece responds to the body as a single unified complex form.

This piece was designed and developed with salt and pepper packets, and connected with staples to provide structural integrity.


the project

Behind my piece lies the concept that I could take forms which alone represent one idea, but when assembled into a unified form they take on a new meaning. Alone, salt and pepper packets represent mediocracy. When assembled into a cape, the piece begins to embody an element of royalty and luxury.


the completed piece

My original design was to create a cape with no space between the packets, but that proved to be too dense and too heavy to uphold structural integrity.

I refined the design and realized that the connected packets rotate on an axis, thus having the ability to create organic formations while providing the structure needed to keep the weight down.

Lastly, reins were crafted to allow the piece to respond to the body and be guided throughout its surroundings.